Monday, June 13, 2011

Movie: Tron:Legacy

A sequel embracing the true spirit of sequels:
  • bigger budget (by 10x: $170M vs. $17M)
  • better technology (by 10,000x: Moore's Law)
  • more hero (by 3x: not just one Jeff Bridges but three of 'em)
  • highlights redux bigger (disc battles, lightcycle races, honkin' big wierd machines)
  • awesome music (Walter Carlos, meet Daft Punk)
  • more overall spectacle (imparting "yeah, that's what I remember, but cooler!")
  • and...and...oh, what was that last thing...oh, right - plot (I guess that mangled heap in the corner is a plot).

For geeks remembering Atari 800s and PC-selling Charlie Chaplin, a must-see return to a historical milestone.
For anyone else, a high-tech fireworks show - no real meaning, but still really fun to watch.