Monday, August 11, 2008

News: The cyborg is in

My pacemaker was installed around noon today. Having just completed a walk around the recovery room block, my heart rate is about 100 - a wonderful sign. The natural pacemaker had been running the upper part of the heart, but the lower half was not getting the signal and was making things up to continue (usually running about 45bpm). Now the artificial pacemaker takes the natural signal from the upper part, delays it slightly, and tells the lower half to pump.

Between properly-coordinated beats, and functional one-way valve, I can tell things have improved greatly. For now, though, that energy is being sapped by great efforts of healing, draining, and pain management.

At some point when all this has largely passed, I will have write at length about the incredible process of waking up from various kinds of sedation and anesthesia.

It's so good to see people visit. Karen and Bonnie are at dinner now. Karen is good to me for having been here so much despite many difficulties.

I miss my little girl! Hopefully she can come here tomorrow, and then I will go home. I don't know how long I will be in recovery. Kirsten needs her daddy...

Awright, that's enough activity (walk, dinner, writing, visits, medical tasks, relocating). Time to distract myself with a movie and then go to bed. Sleeping is hard here; maybe they won't wake me up every hour now. Good night ... call me!

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Frank Smith said...

Dear Carl:

I am sorry to hear about the pain you've been experiencing. However, I am very glad to hear about the success of the surgery and of the implantation of the pacemaker. Continue to look to the Lord, as I know you will, during this difficult time. We will continue to keep you and Karen in prayer.

Cordially in Christ,
Frank J. Smith